Statement on the situation in South and West Kordofan States

20 Aug 2023

Statement on the situation in South and West Kordofan States

The United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission in Sudan (UNITAMS) is alarmed by the recent increased level of violence in South Kordofan and West Kordofan States in populated areas.

Reports indicate that parts of Kadugli came under shelling by the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/North (SPLM/N) - Al Hilu on 16 August 2023. Heavy shelling and armed clashes between the SPLM/N and the Sudan Armed Forces (SAF) ensued, displacing the local population and resulting in civilian casualties.

El Fula has been in turmoil since 16 August, when fighting escalated between the SAF and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF). Government offices, banks, United Nations and NGOs offices have also been looted. Through the efforts of local tribal leaders, fighting was stopped and calm restored.

“These latest military developments are deplorable since these two Kordofan states have managed to avoid large-scale military confrontation in populated areas in the past months. All military actions and mobilization must stop immediately to ease the sufferings of the affected population. The warring parties should return to dialogue to settle their differences, says Volker Perthes, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Sudan and Head of UNITAMS.

UNITAMS calls on all military actors in Sudan to refrain from actions that can ignite further armed conflict and ensure to protect the civilian population and infrastructure. Peace initiatives, like the one in El Fula by local leaders, should also be encouraged and supported.