Peacebuilding and Stabilization Framework under UNITAMS

Security Council resolution 2579, like Security Council resolution 2524, specifically mandates the political and peacebuilding mission to assist peacebuilding, civilian protection, and rule of law, in particular in Darfur and the Two Areas.

The newly established “Peacebuilding and Stabilization Window” of the Sudan Financing Platform will support UNITAMS and its partners in the UN Country Team to support the implementation of Security Council resolution 2579 (2021).

The Sudan Peace Fund will support peacebuilding and stabilization efforts in line with Security Council resolution 2579 (2021), which established the United Nations Integrated Transition Assistance Mission for Sudan (UNITAMS), an integrated political and peacebuilding mission.

The "Sudan Peacebuilding and Stabilization Programme (SPSP)", presently under development, will be funded through the Peacebuilding and Stabilization Window.  In line with the main components of the UNITAMS mandate, it is anticipated that the SPSP will be structured around four Strategic Pillars:

  1. Political transition
  2. Peace processes implementation
  3. Peacebuilding Rule of Law and Protection of civilians and
  4. Development Assistance Coordination

Each Pillar will include a programmatic framework that will take into account the major interventions undertaken by the UNCT to limit duplication and overlap.

For information as to how to contribute to the work of UNITAMS through the Peacebuilding and Stabilization Window of the Multi-Partner Trust Fund, please contact Kara Johnston Molina and Bavo Christiaens.