''Drivers'' are no longer just men's domain... Nema and Sumaia, UNITAMS inspirational women drivers.

Nema and Somaya, UNITAMS women drivers
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4 Aug 2021

''Drivers'' are no longer just men's domain... Nema and Sumaia, UNITAMS inspirational women drivers.

Heyam Yousif

Nema and Sumaia are two Sudanese women who chose to work as drivers with UNITAMS, a profession considered a male domain until recently. With their choice, they wanted to break stereotypes due to social norms, traditions and beliefs, discriminatory employment practices, and distribution of roles and duties between men and women.

Nema said that despite the disapproval and criticism she faced at the beginning of her career, she still gets support and encouragement from her family and friends. She called all Sudanese women to choose the field of work they are interested in, despite the challenges they will face, particularly when applying for a job previously traditionally male-dominated. Nema urged girls and women to learn, focus on self-improvement, and further develop skills and knowledge to gain sufficient financial independence and decent employment.

Sumaia agreed, adding that women, contrary to what some might think, are able to drive professionally and are committed to following traffic rules and public safety, an essential requirements to become a driver with UNITAMS. She believes that Sudan is going through a new phase, with significant positive changes at all levels. This is a period of building strong foundations on which Sudan can carry the necessary economic and development reforms.

UNITAMS promotes gender equality in all professional opportunities, and women empowerment in all fields, to achieve a higher and more sustainable level of development and to eliminate all forms of discrimination against women.

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