Isn’t Peace beautiful? Sudanese youth from all states celebrate Peace day

23 Sep 2021

Isn’t Peace beautiful? Sudanese youth from all states celebrate Peace day

With the participation and strong presence of active and influential young men and women from the different states of Sudan and various youth entities, the United Nations in Sudan celebrated the International Day of Democracy, corresponding to September 15th, 2021, and the World Peace Day, corresponding to September 21st, 2021.

The celebration comprised a series of interactive activities including dialogue sessions with the government officials and the representatives of the United Nations organizations.

An introductory session was organized for the representatives of youth from the states of Sudan on the morning of World Peace Day, for them to share their opinions, aspirations, and hopes. The participants discussed their needs, objectives, and future vision for building Sudan. They also exchanged their perspectives on the challenges and hindrances that could undermine development and restrain the process of building a peaceful community inclusive of all entities and spectra of Sudan.

Afterward, the group met with the representatives of UNDP where major youth issues, education opportunities, unemployment, issues of development, and participation in political and civil life were discussed.

During the meeting, the representative of the youth group from South Kordofan (Kadugli) Azaheer Adam spoke of the “importance of the presence of true political will to advance the peace process and to combat the systematic practices and behaviors obstructing the development and progress of the country”.

Following that, the team headed to UNITAMS headquarters, where they had a discussion with the head of the mission Mr. Volker Perthes, who listened to the participants and commended their active role in building the future, achieving justice, and making the political reality in the country. Mr. Perthes added that “UNITAMS, as a political mission, closely works with the United Nations agencies and NGOs to empower the youth, particularly in the areas of preparations for the elections, direct training and capacity building”.

 Afterward, the team visited Rashid Diab Arts Center, which hosted the commemoration of the World Peace Day with the participation of UN representatives, UNITAMS, UNDP, UNICEF, WFP, and UNFPA, and in the presence of the Deputy Special Representative of the Secretary-General Ms. Khardiata Lo N’Diaye and the ambassadors of Italy, Sweden, and Norway.

The representatives of youth from the states of Sudan were allowed the opportunity to discuss and pose direct questions to the organizations’ representatives on issues such as the youth-focused projects adopted by the UN agencies in Sudan, the development of flexible structures, systems, and procedures within the framework of youth action initiatives and organizations and support of innovation, creativity, special rehabilitation and the issues related to the young people with special needs and their integration.

A group of children participated with drawings in the art exhibition that was organized on the sidelines of the commemoration of the International Day of Democracy and World Peace Day.

The representative of youth from Sennar State, Mojahid Altayb, said that “the way youth issues are addressed must accommodate for the social, economic and political changes happening in the country”.

The next morning, the youth group had a meeting with the Minister of Justice Mr. Nasr Edeen Abdel Bari, and several advisors in the ministry. The minister welcomed the visiting delegation and commended the active role of youth in the community. He also thanked UNITAMS for coordinating the program of the visit of the youth delegation and briefed the attendees on the methods of transitional justice and the importance of reforming the political and legal bodies such as the parliament, the judiciary, the police, and the public prosecution for achieving justice and ensuring rule of law.

After that, the youth met with Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok and a group of his office advisors. Mr. Hamdok expressed his admiration to the youth of the Sudanese revolution stating that “the young women and men of Sudan amazed the world with the peacefulness of the glorious December Revolution and its continuity, the more some people assume that the revolution is fading away, the more it flares up with more persistence and determination to achieve its goals”. The Prime Minister added, “I request from our youth to continue safeguarding the revolution because that contributes to the protection of Sudan and the creation of the promising future, we all dream of.”

The dialogue discussed the issues of local governance, peace, and democracy, where the youth delegation posed several questions and proposals to the advisors of the Prime Minister. The representative of the youth from the Northern state, Alhasan Ibrahim, spoke of the “necessity of engaging the youth during the coming stage and ensuring their meaningful role and participation in the decision-making processes”.

UNITAMS works closely with the UN entities in Sudan following the “One UN” approach to enhance their commitment towards youth, support their rights and aspirations, and empower them at all levels.

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